Best Candidates For Outpatient Rehab In Los Angeles

Many addicts have questions about the options of choosing outpatient rehab in Los Angeles instead of inpatient rehab. While both can be effective, there are some situations that are more suitable for outpatient treatment as opposed to inpatient recovery.

Generally, for most addicts, inpatient recovery programs are the most recommended and most beneficial. They provide a highly controlled, managed and drug and alcohol-free environment to allow the person to learn new skills, coping strategies and behaviors.

Then, after completion of the inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is often recommended. This can be called intensive outpatient care and will typically require attendance for group or individual counseling at least 4 to 6 days per week. The requirement will taper off as the individual builds confidence in facing challenges and living a clean and sober life.

For a few people, outpatient rehab in Los Angeles may be the best option even for initial recovery treatment. The best candidates for this type of treatment include the following considerations, but they are always based on multiple factors and not just on one issue.

Limited Current Drug or Alcohol Use

In some cases an addict in recovery may sense a relapse, or may have used once or a few times, but recognizes the issue and seeks help immediately. In some cases an individual may self-recognize an addiction, and may seek treatment before it is an overwhelming issue in their life.

If there is very limited use of alcohol or drugs, if it is to prevent a relapse or if the person uses very infrequently outpatient rehab in Los Angeles may be an effective option to consider.

Strong Family Support in a Clean Environment

When the client can return to the home environment each night to a supportive and drug and alcohol-free home, this is a very positive incentive for many in recovery. This is particularly true with those with limited history of abuse and where the family, the partner and the children are strong motivators to seek a drug and alcohol-free life.

Ability to Avoid Triggers

Another key factor to consider for outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is the presence or absence of triggers in the environment at home and at work. If you can avoid the places and people associated with using, and continue to work and be at home, this can be a great opportunity.

If you are considering outpatient rehab in Los Angeles, talk to a counselor before making a final decision. In most cases, you can transition from an outpatient to inpatient treatment program, but getting the right match for your needs is always a priority from the start of your recovery.

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