Benefits of the Dental Saliva Ejector

If you run a dental service, you need to be concerned about hygiene and keeping costs down. This is the best way to remain competitive. You may need a wide range of specialized equipment, including a more efficient dental saliva ejector. Here is more about this important equipment to help you keep your operating costs manageable.

How Ejectors Work

An ejector uses suction and a disposable suction tip to remove blood and saliva from your mouth. It uses a special pump and valve to maintain constant suction on the system. This way, you do not have patients spitting into a sink, and this is a good way to avoid contaminated fluids in your office. It is more convenient to use an ejector because the patient can stay in the chair with his or her head in the right position.

Keeping the dental saliva ejector in place for a long time is sometimes needed. For example, a patient might need a root canal or cleaning.


An ejector can be manufactured from recycled materials. This is best for businesses with environmental concerns. If you need more suction or an ejector for other uses, you can also utilize a tongue extractor.

Choosing the Right Supplier

When you choose the right company for your dental saliva ejector, you receive several benefits. For instance, standard mouthpieces may be difficult for patients or they may not fit everyone properly. This can be a real problem if you serve pediatric and elderly patients. However, you can solve this issue when you do business directly with a manufacturer.

A trusted manufacturer can design and create the perfect ejector and components for your business. All you have to do is tell them about your needs, and they take care of the rest. Your manufacturer is there to answer your questions and solve your problems.

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