Beating Bunions: Bunion Surgery

Bunions are a painful deformity of the bone that occurs when there is an overgrowth of the joint at the side and base of the big toe. Your toes are moved out of place by the enlarged joint and bunions form over time, exacerbated by rubbing against your shoes. If left untreated, your big toe could turn inward towards the inside of your foot and other toes and even move to lap over other toes, it can also become twisted, leading to more issues. Bunions that are left uncorrected can lead to other foot and toe problems. If you are suffering from bunions, you should look at options for bunion surgery near Joliet.

Bunions can result from wearing ill-fitting shoes or from injuries to your foot or toes. Individuals with foot conditions such as pronated or flat feet may experience a large incidence of bunion formation. Those who struggle with neuromuscular problems that affect their stability and walking patterns may also suffer from bunions. The Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates can help you determine the cause and the proper treatment for your bunions.

Bunions can cause constant discomfort and inhibit your ability to enjoy your normal life and physical activities. As they grow, they will cause increasing pain from the constant rubbing of the protrusion against your footwear. Your ability to walk may become restricted and you may begin to experience the effects of arthritis.

Bunions will not disappear on their own; they need treatment by an experienced physician, who can determine the best course of treatment. Since bunions continue to grow if left unchecked, part of the treatment plan will be to stop their continual growth pattern. You will also learn how to avoid the irritation they cause from their constant rubbing and irritation. This may include special orthotics to return the foot to the proper anatomical position and padding to prevent friction. You may need to change your footwear to a different style or type.

If your bunions are severe or the misalignment of your toes is at risk of causing further damage, surgery may be the best option. Your bunion will be removed and your toes will be surgically realigned to the correct position.

Don’t let your bunions restrict your mobility or your ability to enjoy your life. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates experienced specialist who can perform bunion surgery in Joliet to relieve your pain and discomfort today.

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