Are Dental implants in Long Island Right For You?

by | May 21, 2015 | Dentistry

The largest dental progress that has occurred lately in dentistry has been Dental implants in Long Island, including other small Innovations. Dental implants are the largest dental breakthrough in recent years because it has allowed dentists to solve those situations where the teeth are lost and must be replaced by others to continue functioning properly. For chewing, it is necessary to have all the teeth but there are cases where teeth may be missing and that is the basis for replacing those teeth with new ones. Thus, the dental implant was invented

If these implants are done correctly you can enjoy a healthier and full mouth, which helps the mouth continue performing chewing functions. Chewing is one of the most important functions of the mouth and should not be taken lightly. Moreover, aesthetics will be sought after more than proper functioning, but you cannot have one without the other and that is why implants are so important. Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots that are inserted into the patient’s jaw, which main goal is to interchange missing teeth. The operation to perform dental implantation involves the surgical placement of a metal cylinder in the bone under the gums. A replacement tooth called a crown, is placed on this cylinder, giving the appearance of a natural tooth. In cases where you are missing several teeth, or all your teeth, long implants in Long Island can be used in conjunction with bridges or dentures to make these tooth replacements stronger.

Dental implants are often a preferred choice when performing a dental replacement, and it does not affect the adjacent teeth as they would, for example, bridges. Dental implants look and feel as if they were natural teeth and are safer than dentures. But keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate to get dental implants. To access this technique, you must have good health, in general, your jaw should be able to properly maintain the implants in place and your gum tissue should be healthy and free from diseases. Thus, in some cases, a bridge or denture, may be a better choice than dental implants. The only way to determine what the best course of action is for you, contact your local dentist.

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