Applications Of Industrial Molded Rubber Products

Rubber is a common material. It appears in a variety of applications in daily life. Two sources are responsible for supplying the rubber manufacturers use to produce items for the home and industry. These are trees – producers of natural rubber and the chemical lab – the origins of synthetic rubber. While most of today’s industrial molded products are synthetic in nature, some still from natural resources.


Currently, rubber products fall into three major categories. One of them is industrial rubber goods. Of these, molded rubber goods comprise a large sector. They encompass some 30,000 types of products – more than the 12,000 for unmolded products. Products that fall into the industrial molded products category include:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Aircraft and ship construction
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods – This is a large subcategory which includes footwear, bathing caps, pacifiers, inflatable inner tubes
  • Motor vehicles
  • Railroad transportation systems: this includes train construction and rail

Molded industrial rubber goods provide the components for the equipment for the above applications as well. They are produced as

  • Belts: They produce both flat and V-belts for a variety of machinery including automobiles and agricultural equipment
  • Gaskets
  • Hoses: suitable and necessary in various industries for conveying gases and fluids
  • Protection caps – against dust, moisture and oil
  • Rings
  • Shock absorbers

In addition, they are components in conveyor belts and other mechanized equipment for transporting goods and services in Texas and across the United States.

Molded Rubber Products

Texas companies utilize molded rubber goods in a variety of applications. They depend upon it to provide the characteristics they need to ensure their products function according to the environmental, chemical and specified demands of its employment. Manufacturers of molded rubber products, whether they use natural or synthetic rubber, produce components that address the specifications of their customers including longevity, chemical and corrosion resistance, flexibility and durability.

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