Animal Control in Pflugerville, TX Includes Trapping and Removing Raccoons

Some wildlife can become pests, especially if you hear them in your attic. If you have a problem with squirrels, raccoons, skunks, or opossums on your property, then you can obtain the help you need by calling a pest removal company. Animals of this type are normally trapped, removed, and relocated.

Contact a Professional

If you contact a specialist in animal control in Pflugerville, TX, you can get a wildlife problem resolved fairly quickly. That does not mean getting rid of the animals is not a challenge. However, you still need to have a professional handle the job.

How a Removal is Facilitated

For example, when raccoons are removed from an attic, usually the animal control technician must remove the mother and baby raccoons. While the mother can be trapped, the young are normally located in a nesting area and must be removed by hand.

So, the first step in this kind of animal removal is to go into the attic and remove the litter of baby raccoons. Usually, the animal control technician must capture about three to five of them. They are normally grabbed up and placed in some type of covering. In addition, the technician must be careful to avoid an attack by the mother during the process.

Trapping the Adult

When catching the adult raccoon, the technician has several trapping options. Some technicians mount a trap at the entry or exit hole and scare the animal into the trap. If she stays to defend her pups, then she may be captured with a snare pole and caged.

Once the raccoons are removed, the entry points are sealed shut. This is an important undertaking as you want to keep animals out of the attic in the future. While some people believe you can get rid of a raccoon using some type of repellent, this type of solution is ineffective. It is best to visit a site, such as, and contact a specialist.

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