Green Card Attorney: Green Card Holders, Their Right and What is Expected of Them

What most people do not understand is that being a green cards holder does not mean that you are a US citizen. You simply enjoy most of the rights and there are obligations expected from you as well. For green card holders, you should get advice from a Green Card Attorney Nashville TN, who well understands what immigration laws in the country say to avoid finding yourself going against the law. Below are rights and obligations of a green card holder.

Permanent stay

A green card holder has the right to get permanent residence in the country so long as they abide by the laws regarding their residency.


In the past, green card holders were expected to report annually to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This regulation has changed, and they are only required to report in the post offices if there are any changes to their address.

Filing of tax

Just like the US citizens, a green cardholder is expected to pay tax. He is thus expected to fill a form known as a 1040 resident return. However, one can opt to get tax deductions as a nonresident working overseas; find more clarification from your Green Card Attorney Nashville TN to avoid problems with the IRS.

Green card possession

Green card holders are advised to at all times be in possession of their green cards especially when they are traveling. This saves a lot of inconveniences if there is any need to confirm whether they indeed have a permanent residence.

Re- entry permits

With only a green card and a passport, a permanent resident is allowed back in the states from abroad. This is contrary to other people visiting in the country who must produce a valid entry document or a visa plus a passport. However, individuals returning from Mexico or Canada only need to present a green card to be allowed in by the immigration officer. Certain investigations must however be carried out to ascertain that one had not abandoned his permanent residence.

To find out more like how full citizenship is gained through marriage, hire a Green Card Attorney Nashville TN. For more information on immigration and green card holders, contact Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law or visit the website.

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