Air Conditioner Repair in St. Petersburg Could Lower Monthly Utility Bills

It may seem strange to think that paying money to have something repaired could save you money. However, proper maintenance and repair work could help lower bills in the summer months, which will allow you to be comfortable in your home with the cold AC running and still be able to afford your bills.

Less Work

One part of the equation is that when the blower or motor of the air conditioner has to work harder to blow that cold air into the ducts and through the home, it will take more energy. A clean unit will allow the AC to get through the house with little work. Units that run hard to cool down the home cost more in energy to do the same job a regular running AC unit will do.

While this is costing you a lot more money, it could also blow the AC unit motor, causing a very major repair, so keep the unit clean and inspected properly.


Each year your AC unit should be inspected and repaired in needed. While it will cost you money to have the unit inspected, it can save you money in the long run. Think of the inspection as a regular trip to the dentist or doctor. You typically see your dentist twice a year and doctor once or more, and your AC could use a little TLC as well.

While every contractor in St. Petersburg is different, most believe the best time of year to have the AC inspected is after you are completely done using it and before snow falls. Otherwise, you run the risk of having an early summer or hot spring without the proper inspection completed.


While you may think that a properly maintained or repaired air conditioner wouldn’t matter to a vandal, many vandals want the chemicals or metal used with the air conditioner. A broken down AC will attract those vandals because they don’t run the risk of getting hurt while tampering with the unit. If you repair the unit, they will know it works and will likely leave it alone.

Catch More Problems

Many times, a visual inspection won’t catch everything that will go wrong with your unit. If you have a repair completed, the chances your contractor will find something else wrong are high. This means a higher bill for you, but also means that the contractor won’t need to return within a few days.

Air conditioner repair in St. Petersburg will help your AC stay cold and working properly, saving you a little bit of money. Visit Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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