Affordable Monthly Rentals Allow for Easy Transitions

by | May 15, 2015 | Business & Economy

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a place to stay for a month, or just a few months, then monthly rentals in Chula Vista are perfect for you. Whether you are moving, working out of town, or even attending college, extended stay furnished apartments are a convenient and affordable way to live. Units are designed to give renters a comfortable environment that takes care of their every need. Furnished apartments at Foxwood Apartments come with a fully functioned kitchen, well-situated dining room, cozy living room, plenty of closet space, beautiful bathrooms, and one bedroom or two bedrooms including a private master bedroom. The décor is fitting for an upscale apartment unit in a luxurious resort-like setting.

Monthly Rentals Give You the Opportunity to Have Guests and Host Dinners

A monthly rental is more useful than other types of accommodations simply because it gives you the privacy you need. Staying in your own unit gives you the opportunity to invite guests over, and even host small dinner parties for business. Perhaps you have family that needs to stay with you. A monthly rental gives you the opportunity to have your family live with you for the duration of your stay. This is especially perfect for people that travel for business purposes. Now you no longer have to be separated from your loved ones.

Enjoy Your Privacy and a Higher Standard of Living

Privacy is typically the first thing people want to be assured of when renting an apartment on a monthly basis. When staying in monthly rentals, there are fewer changeover rates, which means things are much quieter. The traffic through an extended-stay monthly rental facility is not nearly as high which affords renters more privacy with a calm and easy-going atmosphere.

What Matters Most: Cost, Amenities, and Length of Stay

While there are many perks to staying in a monthly rental the top three are the affordability, the amenities provided, and the length of stay. Even though you may be staying in a rental unit, extended-stay units offer the perk of using cleaning services, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying a heated spa. The length of stay is determined by the need for a unit with the understanding that no units will be rented for less than 30 days. When you compare the cost to a mortgage, and even a lengthy hotel stay with excessive tax fees of up to 25% of the room cost, monthly rentals are the better and more cost-efficient choice.

Foxwood Apartments offer beautiful accommodations for monthly rentals in Chula Vista, CA. Make your reservations for the ideal unit so you have the extended-stay apartment of choice reserved for your living needs.

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