Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

When your sewer lines get damaged, you are faced with many questions like;

  • Where you will get an expert repairer
  • How much it will cost you
  • The method of repair to use

The method that you choose for your sewer repair in Batavia NY can make the process simple or complicated. The traditional method of repairing sewer involves digging along the sewer line to diagnose the problem then rectify it. Modern sewer experts have an option of using trenchless pipe repair to rectify a damaged sewer pipe.

Consider trenchless sewer repair

  • Saves time – Since there is little digging and work, then the work takes a short time. Since the expert only digs up one or two holes to diagnose the problem, the process takes a short time.
  • It is clean – Most sewer lines run through the premises’ compound. If the compound is landscaped, digging it up will ruin the beautiful grounds. The damaged places will look different from the rest for some time. With trenchless repair, you only need to dig two small holes at the exit or entrance of the pipe. The method therefore touches on a very small space and leaves the compound looking beautiful.
  • Better quality – Older piping system is susceptible to rusting and corrosion but trenchless method takes advantage of the modern piping systems. The method uses polythene piping or cure-in place liners for repair and replacement. The materials are long lasting and they cannot be damaged by cracks, tree roots and offset pipes.
  • Less expensive – The trenchless method does not require a lot of digging. Less digging means less labor which translates to fewer wages. At the end of the day, you pay less than you would have paid had you chosen the trench method.

By using the trenchless method to repair your sewer, you can be sure of fewer repairs and replacements and increased flow capacity. Contact Scalia’s Landscape for professional sewer repair in Batavia NY.

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