Advantages of Having a Business That Deals With Central Air Repair Moore OK Inspect and Clean a Home’s Air Cooling System

Keeping a home’s air cooling system in good repair is important in ensuring the unit lasts a long time and that it operates in an efficient manner as well. One of the main ways this can be done is by making sure that the unit is regularly inspected and cleaned. This helps in making it run better and it gives a professional from a business for Central Air Repair Moore OK a chance to examine the unit and handle any minor issues before they turn into major problems.

Most systems have two separate units. The blower portion of the system is generally housed inside the home. This unit will need to be vacuumed to remove the dirt and other debris that it has collected. The air filter on the unit will need to be replaced as well. The repair person will also spend time inspecting the unit’s motor. Some motors will need oil added to the ports on the unit. This will keep the bearings inside the unit from locking up and freezing the motor. A technician who deals with Central Air Repair Moore OK should also examine the electrical wiring and connections to the motor to verify it is operating safely. The tension on the fan belt that connects the motor to the fan should be checked. If it is out of adjustment, this can be corrected by loosening the mounting bolts on the motor and moving the motor as needed. If either the belt or the fan looks damaged, the technician will replace the components.

The compressor and condenser portions of the system are generally housed outside of the home. A professional who handles Central Air Repair Moore OK will first need to spend time cleaning the large debris, such as branches, leaves and trash, from the housing. The coils that wrap around the condenser tend to get very dirty and this can block air flow into the unit. They can be cleaned with a vacuum or a hose with a high-pressured nozzle. The fins on the unit can also become dirty and the technician from TS Heat & Air will need to use a soft brush to clean these portions of the unit. Since the fins are fragile, they may be bent. This will require they be realigned using a fin comb. This will keep the air flowing properly into the unit.