A Workers Compensation Attorney in Des Moines Helps You Get Your Claim Processed

Worker’s compensation exists for you to use whenever you have been injured on the job. Typically a catastrophic injury is taken care of promptly and without problems. It’s when the injury is caused by years of a repetitive motion that the claim can become problematic. You have pain, but the source is not exactly visible on x-rays. CAT scans and MRI machines are much better at picking up the problem, but even then it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. All you know is that you can’t work because the job has caused an injury, and you need to be able to take time off and heal while not worrying about the bills.

The biggest problem you are going to face in this situation is making your claim with the state board and the insurance company. Your employer might try to refuse the claim, but it’s less likely to if you have physician’s paperwork showing you’ve tried to resolve the issue prior to filing a claim. It’s convincing the state and insurer that you have a valid claim. This is a job for a Workers compensation attorney Des Moines.

When you file a worker’s compensation claim, you have to show proof of injury and all of your visits to the doctor before you went ahead and filed. This is just one of the things you have to do. You also have to fill out the forms correctly or risk a rejection based on an improperly completed application. Seeking help from a Workers compensation attorney Des Moines eliminates these issues as the lawyer is familiar with what is looked for on the application.

An injury that is known as a soft tissue injury is going to be difficult to claim. Retaining a lawyer gains you an advocate that can make a persuasive case to all involved parties that your injuries are indeed real, and that you are not making it up simply to get time off work. The goal is to convince the board and insurer that your need for relief is real and that the injury was indeed caused by your line of work. Success means being able to take time off work, get any necessary surgeries done and being able to pay the bills in the meantime.


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