A Variety of Landscaping Containers Can Draw Attention to Your Garden

The look, shape and size of a planting pot can work wonders in your home garden. The right landscaping containers will draw people’s eyes and add an air of beauty and style to your garden. A wide variety of landscaping containers are available to suit your unique taste and gardening needs.

American Concrete
Concrete pottery made in America are of top-notch quality and are stronger and more durable than other concrete planters imported into the United States. Some imported planters have been known to crumble, crack or decay over time. However, American concrete pots available through a highly rated company come from reputable manufacturers and thus can be expected to last a long time. You can also get a pot that will fit your garden’s existing design, as these manufacturers offer many factory-applied finishes and colors. Custom finishes and colors can additionally be applied to your tree planter, planter box or decorative concrete urn for your landscape.

Gladding McBean
Gladding McBean is a leading provider of terracotta pottery that is handcrafted as well as glaze finish pieces that will complement your existing home’s decor. These glaze pieces come in many different hues, including red, gold, blue and green shades. The company, established in 1885, offers high-quality pieces in modern or traditional shapes. In addition to getting garden planters, you can choose from among other exquisite quality products including fruit bowls and fountain spouts along with vases and even fruit bowls.

Greek and Mediterranean Containers
Greek and Mediterranean landscaping containers can also drastically add to the look and feel of your garden. Mediterranean planters have a modular nature that allows you to create a landscape size that suits you. Greek terracotta planters are also a top choice because they feature a unique color due to the terracotta’s being fired in kilns that burn olive pits. Greek pottery is especially known for its patterns, which are hand-carved, along with its handles, which are hand-shaped. Centuries-old pots, complete with wear, stains and marks, will make you feel as though you are reliving history while simultaneously providing an elegant touch to your outdoor area.

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