A Probate Lawyer in Chicago Helps You Close Out an Estate

When a will goes to probate, it initiates a court process that oversees the disposition of a deceased individuals estate, regardless of if there was a will or not. The idea behind probating an estate is to have legal oversight over the disposition of the assets, find heirs and make sure that all creditors are settled. When someone passes away and has debts, there needs to be an attempt at satisfying the outstanding debts, and that the legal heirs obtain their inheritance. It’s a lot of work, and it can overwhelm an executor that is unfamiliar with how to process the will. A Probate Lawyer in Chicago can shoulder the work and help settle the will.

The process of opening up probate involves going to the courthouse of the county seat and filing the will. The act of filing opens up a case and assigns it to a probate judge for oversight. After the will is filed, the executor must advertise the fact in the classified section of certain newspapers. This is considered to be a fair attempt at notifying all who may have a claim on the estate to step forward and do so. The next step is to locate the legal heirs and inform them of their inheritance. In the event the heirs are not easily found, a good faith effort needs to be made to find them. In the meantime, status reports have to be made with the judge, informing her of the latest efforts that are being made. This is a lot of work for an executor to do, and it may be best to let a Probate Lawyer in Chicago do the work.

A lawyer can dedicate the necessary time to settling the estate, and has experience with handling all of the paperwork involved with probate. He keeps the executor and family members apprised of how probate is progressing, helps find heirs, makes sure that proper protocol is observed, and answers challenges to the will. There is much a lawyer can do to provide reassurance to all involve, and get the job done as quickly and quietly as possible.

The attorneys of Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells offer expert representation in the area of probate law. When you need a probate attorney in Chicago, you can turn to our trusted attorneys who have more than 80 years of combined experience.

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