A Commentary on Zechariah 14

revelationrevolution1 Zechariah, is the second to the last book in the Old Testament. Chapter 14 tells of Zechariahs vision of God’s reign on earth where the Lord will come to Judge those who were in opposition to Judea. Zechariah was a post-exile prophet who returned to Jerusalem with the first group of exiles. He was a part of the generation that rebuilt the Temple and then re-established the worship of the Lord as it had been done since the time of the exodus.
Chapter 14 falls into two parts. Verses 1-8 deals with the rebuilding of the Temple and the people’s rediscovery of the power of God’s deliverance. The second section of the chapter was written about forty years later and now deals as a more universal transformation that God will bring about through the Temple. Studying a Zechariah 14 commentary we find that Zechariah uses apocalyptic terminology to express this new hope and trust in God’s providence. The language used talks about the final Judgement and the end of the world to proclaim that the faithful would have some tough times ahead. The faithful would not have an easy time but instead have rough times. There were no promises for life on earth. Hardships, pain, even death would face the faithful here on earth. At times, God would be accused of abandoning the faithful. The others who are mentioned in Zechariah 14 are the evil forces. These will also be judged in the end days and found guilty and condemned to eternal punishment.
Verse 9 talks about a time when day and night will be no more. The city of Jerusalem and the Temple would rise above all else. According to Zechariah 14 commentary, the higher you were in the ancient world, the more important you were, so the desire would be to raised above all others. That made all humans struggle to be in the higher places of the Temple. In this hierarchy, the God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Moses, David, reigns over all. He is the God of Jerusalem, Judah and everywhere. When we as contemporary citizens of the Old Testament, we must read Zechariah from his vision. God rules over all. We will have a place in His Eternity, but we cannot judge other humans or even beasts, as claimed by Zechariah 14.
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