6 Reasons An Auto Towing Company in San Diego May Take Your Car

When a person’s car is towed unexpectedly, they may wonder why, but their first goal is to find and retrieve their vehicle without paying excessively high fees. Before calling the closest Auto Towing Company in San Diego, though, the vehicle owner should find out why the car has been towed. Below are a few potential reasons why.

An Unlicensed Driver

If a driver is stopped by the police and their license is suspended or expired, officers may call a towing company to the scene. It’s against the law to drive with no license, and expired ones don’t count. Even if there’s a passenger with a valid driver’s license, the officers may still decide to have the vehicle towed.

Illegal Parking

When cars park in loading zones, tow-away zones, in front of hydrants, or in handicapped spaces without the right permit, they can all be towed right away.

Expired Vehicle Registration

Don’t let the vehicle’s registration expire, or it could mean a trip to the impound lot. When officers see that a vehicle’s registration is expired, they can legally tow the car without notifying the owner. If this happens, the owner cannot retrieve their vehicle without providing proof of current registration.

Obstructing the Road

If a parked vehicle is blocking a business entrance or driveway and it’s not there when the owner returns, the chances are it was towed. Always check to see if the vehicle is blocking access points or end up paying fines plus impound and retrieval costs.

Disabled Vehicles

If an officer pulls a driver over and determines the car isn’t road-worthy, they can choose to have it towed immediately. Also, if a car breaks down on the road, it might be towed if the owner abandons it without first leaving a note.

Private Property Parking

Any car parked on someone else’s property may be towed if the landowner chooses to do so. Unfortunately, towing and retrieval costs are the auto owner’s responsibility.

While having a car towed is a panic-inducing situation, most of these problems are easily resolved. Call USA Towing & Recovery today to start the retrieval process and get back on the road quickly. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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