4 Questions To Ask Aluminum Suppliers

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

Whether you have a current list of aluminum suppliers, or you are shopping for a company to do business with now and in the future, it is worth your time to get to learn more about what the company offers.

Unfortunately many end users of aluminum get into a rut in dealing with one company and fail to take advantage of companies that are more efficient, offer lower prices and perhaps even offer a better range of services.

Checking out possibilities for new aluminum suppliers can be an easy way to get to know your current suppliers and also find new companies that may offer an advantage over your existing distributor.


If you have found the aluminum suppliers you are using are often low on inventory it may be a sign of a company that isn’t dealing in large volumes of aluminum. When working with an exclusive aluminum distributor common items, expect in the case of extremely large order fulfillment, should always be in stock.

Lead Time

When you require unique or less common types of materials, including in the fabrication of custom extrusions, understanding the aluminum suppliers lead time will be important. When a supplier has a good relationship with the mills, lead times are often very minor and ongoing large orders can be handled with ease and predictability.


Not all aluminum suppliers offer the same levels of service over and above the actual sale of the alloy. Look for companies that provide precision sawing and cutting and also offer the option for outside processing for specialized types of needs.

When the supplier has a good range of outside suppliers as well as the equipment needed for true precision sawing you don’t have to worry about trying to coordinate these services on your own.


The more years in the business the better, especially when considering any type of supplier. This is a very demanding and competitive industry, and suppliers that don’t meet customer standards aren’t in business very long.

On the other side of the coin, those distributors in business for decades typically have customers that are highly satisfied and recommend the supplier to anyone needing quality aluminum stock or extrusions.

Once you have this information, and you will also want to consider pricing and costs, finding the best aluminum suppliers for your needs won’t be a difficult decision.

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