3 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Drains from Clogging

You use your kitchen drains throughout the day, and you expect them to do their job. Over time, however, grease builds up in the pipes and there can also be calcification. Eventually, this can cause clogging. Once your drains clog, you need to figure out how serious it is. Kitchen plumbing professionals in Northbrook, IL have the tools and experience to make the process as simple as possible.

Here are three ways you can keep your kitchen drains from clogging.

Hot Water

To keep your kitchen drains from clogging, you are advised to run hot water for 15 minutes while allowing the water to stream down the drain. Some professionals advise you do this once a week, while others will advise you to run the hot water every other day. You are also advised to add some baking soda to the running water. Baking soda helps prevent build up and it helps prevent sour odors. Vinegar can also be added to the running water. Vinegar has acetic acid, which prevents build-up and helps remove the crud.

Watch What You Pour Down the Drain

If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, it is very tempting to pour just about anything down the drain. Reality is that if you would like to prevent your drain from clogging, it is better to toss certain items in the trash can instead of down the drain. Cooking grease and coffee grounds, for example, are items you should toss in the trash can instead of down the drain.

Use a Drain Gate

A drain gate helps prevent your drains from clogging because it prevents larger-sized particles from going down. For optimal results, ensure you pick the gate that fits your sink best.

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