3 Tips for Success with Craigslist Marketing

Local contractors often use websites like Craigslist to grow their customer base without sinking tons of money into an advertisement campaign. Truly, those who understand how to make Craigslist posting work for them can enjoy more leads and more sales than they might otherwise get with advertisement campaigns at three times the cost. Here’s how to get started making Craigslist work for your business:

Know Your Industry

Your first step to success for marketing with Craigslist is to understand your local market. Search for the goods or services you offer and take note of the advertisements you see already posted to the site. Take note of the following from your competitors:

  • Convenience of location
  • Goods or services offered
  • Prices
  • Specials or discounts

Anything you see featured on your competitor’s ad, you should consider featuring on yours as well. Be sure to highlight everything you have to offer. If it’s not in print, your consumers will assume it isn’t available.

Keep It Simple and Impactful

Striking a balance between simple and informative is important in creating an effective advertisement. Some tips for doing exactly that include:

  • Keep text simple. HTML can trigger the site into thinking you’re posting spam. Stick with real text.
  • Don’t mince words. You need an advertisement that’s easy to read and rich with necessary information. Don’t waste words describing things that aren’t necessary.
  • Pictures are worth more than words. While HTML isn’t necessary, photos are. Some consumers even narrow their search by excluding listings without photos. Choose several high-quality photos to show the world what you’ve got to offer.

Consult an Expert

Just because Craigslist posting is a do-it-yourself approach doesn’t mean it truly has to be handled all on your own. Companies like USA Local Media specialize in helping companies like yours put resources like Craigslist to work for them, giving you the tools and assistance that you need to put your business information in front of more people for less money. Give them a call to get started and enjoy more for less! You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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