3 Reasons to Hold a Wedding Reception at a Country Club

When you plan your wedding, you are going to make a lot of decisions. The food, the flowers and the color scheme will be some. Picking the venue will be another. As you decide where to hold your Orland Park Wedding Receptions, a country club is an attractive option.

Here are three reasons to consider holding your wedding reception at a country club.

Membership is not Required

Country club members enjoy an array of benefits. For the golfers, they receive access to prime golf tee times and courses. For families, it is a safe area to spend time outdoors enjoying amenities like the tennis courts and other facilities. Country clubs, however, do rent out their facilities to non-members, too. This is especially true when non-members are searching for an event venue for a wedding reception.


The fees members pay to help maintain the country club. It helps the venue make upgrades, keep up with desirable trends and offer members more amenities. This makes it seem like a country club is expensive and exclusive. For those looking into a country club to serve as their wedding reception venue, it may come as a surprise that their rental fees are actually competitive with other locations. Additionally, fees are negotiable. So, if you are interested in holding your party at a country club, making some inquiries is worth your while.

Wedding Planning

It is true that a country club employs their own project management and party planning staff. They, with other staff members, are charged with overseeing the facilities and keeping them in optimal shape. This does not mean that you will not be allowed to bring in your own wedding planning staff.

Your wedding is a special event. Orland Park Wedding Receptions venues, like Carriage Greens Country Club, are at your disposal.

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