3 of the Best Designer Vintage Jewelry in New York City Options Selectively Available for the New Year

There’s a whole subculture of people that are still fascinated by high end luxury jewelry. There are many luxury brands out there, but a handful ascend to the top across the world. Below are just three that can be found in a Designer Vintage Jewelry in New York City case.

Beginning all the way back in 1893, the Mikimoto jewelry brand has undergone a variety of transformations. But the high-class status and luxury design has always followed the brand. Mikimoto is known for using South Sea pearls in a vast majority of their line. Founder Kokichi Mikimoto branded the idea of using cultured pearls. These are sometimes colored, polished right from a mussel shell. To make matters even better, the line uses only 18 carat and over on every piece carried. A few luxury brands will dip below this number, which makes Mikimoto daring and consistent in their demand for the best.

Bvlgari may be difficult to pronounce, but their status as a dominating force from Rome makes them one of the industry leaders in fine jewelry. They are known for merging this very traditional and classic Victorian-style with something very modern and innovative. The most common thread is large 1960s glamour stones that are splayed over a large space. This makes their chokers and bangles some the best-selling items they have. Bvlgari is very much an Italian brand, so there’s a niche audience of people that will respect and admire their work. But as for status and cost, few come as imposing yet sensational.

The Bvlgari line above has a strong hold on a neoclassical approach to find jewelry. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Piaget. They are modern design masters and visionaries. Their designs are sleek and simple with very abrupt edges that make the pieces shine and glisten. Their rose design is iconic, pure and simple. They have registered as leaders out of Switzerland, and their status in Hollywood dates back to the golden age of movie making.

These fine piece luxury options can all be found at a Designer Vintage Jewelry in New York City.

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