3 Lawn Fertilizer Facts

Your lawn, whether you are a landscaping enthusiast, or not, requires the proper nutrition to keep it healthy. A healthy lawn leads to better property values, less critters and is simply more aesthetically pleasing. Lawn Fertilizer Sarasota area is a great additive the lawn care veteran and novice can use to feed it. Some feel overwhelmed due to the variety available, but picking out the best one is easier than some may believe.

Here are three lawn fertilizer facts to consider.

What is Lawn Fertilizer?

Lawn fertilizer is essentially food for your lawn. It helps determine its health, color and fullness. If you are not sure whether your lawn is deficient in nutrients, soil test kits can be purchased. While rain and regularly watering your lawn keeps it hydrated, it still needs to be fed. Fertilizer is made from 3 main ingredients that include nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. On every bag, you will see a percentage that indicates how much of each it contains.

Which Fertilizer is Best for My Lawn?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask, but the consensus tends to lean toward purchasing a fertilizer that has more nitrogen than the other two elements. Nitrogen promotes chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is important for photosynthesis, which leads to healthy leaf growth. Phosphorus is important for the roots and stems while potassium gives your law the strength to fight off diseases and thrive under drought conditions.


The best time to apply lawn fertilizer is during the spring or when the temperatures are hanging around 55 degrees F, consistently. Experts also recommend a heavy application when fall arrives. Lawn Fertilizer Sarasota is available in granular and liquid form. Each has drawbacks, so it is best to test out both, and then, continue to use the one you prefer.

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