3 Functions of a Fire Alarm

Fire alarms have become important when attempting to warn people of fires. Building codes mandate that every building, residential, commercial and business, include a fire alarm on every floor as well as every so many square feet. While builders and developers have attempted to use more fire resistant materials, keeping residents and occupants safe is always a priority. If you are searching for new alarms, Fire Alarm Los Angeles carries a variety.

Here are three functions a fire alarms executes.


First and foremost, a fire alarm is designed to prevent the loss of life and damage to property. The goal is to give a warning so that it is noticed before a fire gets out of hand. While the alarm is giving the warning, buildings can be evacuated and an attempt to extinguish the fire can be made in a timely manner.


The purpose of a fire alarm is to also to protect those in its vicinity. The best way a fire alarm can execute its purpose is to ensure that it is properly maintained. Professionals who sell alarms often also provides maintenance services. They can test and inspect the equipment. They will ensure the audible components are operating, the batteries still have life in them and that the relay activation is operating as expected.


When a fire alarm is properly maintained, it can fulfill its purpose to protect and prevent harm to people and property. If a fire begins, but it is put out before causing damage to its surroundings and occupants, then it has managed to preserve. Preserving property and people means that expenses and mourning are side-stepped.

Setting up fire alarms as mandated by building codes is worth your while. A fire alarm, like those from Fire Alarm in Los Angeles, protects, prevents and preserves.

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