3 Advantages of Investing in a Rebuilt Transmission

There’s no doubt that the transmission in your car or truck has to go. Now you have to decide whether to buy a new one or invest in a rebuilt transmission. What you may not know is that rebuilt transmissions Chicago have quite a bit to offer. Consider these three benefits carefully and you are likely to decide this is the right solution.


Not everyone understands what makes rebuilt transmissions Chicago so reliable. When rebuilding a transmission, an auto repair specialist examines every component that composes the transmission. Anything that is worn or in danger of failing is replaced. You can bet that the original parts that remain are in good condition and will work well for a long time. Couple that with the replacement parts and you have a transmission that will work right every time.

Excellent Performance

The performance level offered by properly rebuilt transmissions is similar to that of new ones. You can expect the transmission to shift without hesitation and provide a smooth ride. It’s not unusual to find that the shift from one gear to the next is so smooth that you barely notice any change or hesitation at all. That will be a welcome change after dealing with a failing transmission the last couple of weeks.

The Cost

Of all the choices for replacing a failed transmission, you can bet that rebuilt transmissions Chicago are the most cost-effective. If there’s only so much money you can allocate to the replacement, you are likely to spend less and still end up with a high-quality transmission.

Do you need to replace the transmission in your car or truck? The team at S-O-S Transmissions can help. Call 708-344-1760 to arrange a tow or to talk with an expert about our options for rebuilt transmissions. Before you know it, your car will be ready for the road again. For more information about these services click here.

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