Why Use an Isolation Transformer?

Many industrial applications call for specialized power protection. In fact, control circuits have special needs and often use EMI shielding and other components. An isolation transformer is highly effective for protecting circuits and here are some of the benefits they offer.

Power Isolation

Isolating transformers insulate power sources from other components or circuits. They allow direct current to pass through while blocking alternating current. The primary and secondary coils do not touch each other, and this helps to limit shock risks.


Instead of separating or isolating circuits, you can use an isolating transformer to separate secondary from primary windings. Because the ratio is one-to-one, there is no voltage gain or loss.

When connected properly, isolating transformers keep windings from direct contact with the power source. This is an effective way to protect against electrical shock hazards.

Do you have special DC power needs? Isolating power sources are often used in DC powered communications systems. For example, in some systems, you need a series of amplifiers. By isolating DC power, you effectively control each amplifier separately.

Testing is safer when you use an isolation transformer. For example, you can accidentally touch live circuit components, and a one-to-one ratio power transformer creates a safe environment.

With audio circuits, you need to get rid of as much noise as possible. Isolating transformers keep noises to a minimum.

It’s not easy to receive radio signals in industrial environments. Isolating transformers improve both transmission and receiving.


Pulse generator protection – lowers interference in pulse circuits

Healthcare industry – removes EMI in medical testing equipment

Electronics testing safety

Protect ungrounded devices

Finding an Isolation Transformer Source

When you need specialized transformers for your business, consider a manufacturer with many years of experience. They can give you custom solutions and many options.

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