Which is the Best Front Door in San Diego

Your front door is the first impression many will have at your home. It defines the style and condition of your home, protects its inhabitants, and can be another barrier to the weather increasing the energy efficiency of your home. All of that is assuming you have the right front door. While there’s no shortage of doors to choose from, making the right choice for your home takes time and research. We would like to contribute to making your research easier so that you can find the right front door San Diego. Let’s start with the door and frame material and how that affects your home and safety.

The Best Choice for Materials in Front Doors San Diego

Front doors had been made out of wood for years, but with modern technology and manufacturing techniques, wood doors are fast losing market share and for good reason. Wood front doors can rot or become infested with termites. These doors and frames are easier to break which makes them weak against forced entry. These types of front doors are susceptible to expansion and contraction which could render the intended benefits of any energy efficiency mute if the door allows air to pass through. They can also get stuck if they expand too much which makes their purpose as an entry or exit difficult. While wood doors once offered the greatest amount of style options, fiberglass doors are now made in nearly every form possible, and they provide a solution to every problem a wood door creates.

Fiberglass front doors are much more durable than a wood door. In fact, Plastpro’s Impact Doors contain a missile-proof shield which helps protect the door from any impact of flying objects in extreme weather conditions. A solid core fiberglass entry door provides much greater energy efficiency than wood doors. They will maintain their shape and size under nearly any condition. These front doors won’t rot or become infested with termites. They are better at protecting against heat and water in case of fire or flood. The best manufacturers also have options for reinforced glass in case you are fond of the style of front doors that have glass. Fiberglass front doors come in a variety of options and styles and their superiority to wood doors make them a natural choice when considering an upgrade for your San Diego home.

San Diego Front Door Options

Beyond the material that the front door is made of, you need to decide on the custom options for the door that will work for your opening as well as any accessories. Often times, your choice may be to go with your current panel options. If your current door is a single entry door with a single sidelite, then that may be your preferred style in the replacement. However, some companies can widen openings allowing for more style options for your front entry door. If you have enough space, consider speaking to a specialist to find out all your options before just replacing what you have with something similar. You could go with a single panel door, double panel door, or mix either style with sidelites in new and exciting configurations that breathe new life into your home. If you really want a modern style and have the room try a Milgard Moving Glass Wall System.

You also want to make sure to match opening sizes with the right doors. Some homes in San Diego and throughout Southern California have a unique size door. They are called 5-0 doors because the opening is roughly 5 feet total which means the doors come in around two and a half feet in width. That is not common, so you need to know the size of the opening to ensure you purchase the right door. Choosing a front door style that adds glass or other accessorizing embellishments can emphasize the aesthetics of your home. With the multitude of options to choose from make sure to get the advice of the right installation company before purchasing. They can meet you for a free onsite inspection and get you the quotes you need for the job no matter the size!



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