What To Expect From Bird Mite Treatment

In Hawaii, homeowners who love to watch birds may content with unwanted visitors around their home. These homeowners may place nectar dispensers near their property to enjoy birds feeding throughout the day. While this curiosity is a rewarding experience for some, it could lead to bird mite infestations. The following is information about what to expect from Bird Mite Treatment.

Testing for Bird Mites

The exterminator will inspect all areas in which the mites could accumulate. This includes areas around the property such as porches and patios. If these areas are furnished, it is possible for the bird mites to infest them and create unpleasant conditions. These mites can burrow into the skin and reproduce. They can produce large volumes of offspring that can create a painful itch for humans and animals.

Chemical Treatments for These Mites

The areas in which the mites are discovered must be treated with pesticides. This will eliminate the mites and lower the chances of more infestations. However, the owner will need to wash all cushions with chemical-based cleaning products used to kill off mites.

Treating the Entire Property

The extermination team will distribute pesticides throughout the property’s exterior. This will cut down on the possibility of the mites infested additional areas. The chemicals will kill off the mites for a predetermined amount of time. The exterminators will need to complete the treatment process based on the schedule set up to treat the property.

Lowering Risks of Bird Mite Infestations

The homeowner must remove any bird feeders and birdbaths that are located within close proximity to their home. This will discourage birds from traveling closely around the property and prevent mite infestations. The homeowner will need to keep these exterior places clean and debris-free. They may also cover cushioned furniture with plastic coverings.

In Hawaii, homeowners need to take precautions if they want to enjoy birdwatching without hindrances. Birds carry mites that can present homeowners with unwanted skin conditions. These mites can also affect pets as well. Homeowners who need Bird Mite Treatment can contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC to schedule an appointment for these services. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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