Types of Back Pain Treatment

Back pain comes in all forms, from dull and constant to sudden sharp pains. From mild aches, to crippling pain that keeps you from moving so much as an inch without being left in absolute agony. As such, there are also many different ways of treating back pain. So, if you’re going in to your doctor about back pain in Jacksonville, expect one of the following treatments to come up when discussing diagnosis.

#1. OTC and prescription pain medicine
Often, the pain isn’t anything too serious, and your doctor will prescribe to you specific medicine meant to alleviate the pain until it eventually passes. These pains are usually muscle cramps and aches, and should be gone with the help of the medicine.

#2. Chiropractic care
If your muscles are acting up and the medication isn’t quite cutting it, there’s always the option of chiropractic care. Back massages aren’t just for relaxation, they have real proven medical usage as well. This type of chiropractic care is useful for back pain since it revolves around spine manipulation. By helping the spine back into proper alignment, your back can work out the kinks causing the pain itself. If not afterwards, the chiropractor will probably find the source of the pain during the massaging of your back, and know how to proceed with treatment.

#3. Bioelectric therapy
Bioelectric therapy is a completely safe, drug free method of dealing with chronic back pain, as well as acute pain conditions. When you are in pain, the nerves in the affected area send signals to the brain, letting it know that caution is advised going forward, as to not repeat the mistake that led to the injury. Bioelectric therapy blocks those pain signals, preventing your brain from registering the aches as painful. It also encourages the brain to release more endorphins, which help relieve the pain further.

#4. Injections
Sometimes it isn’t a simple matter of muscles cramping up. Sometimes, it can be something serious, like inflammation or nerve damage. Luckily, there are injectable drugs that can relieve this pain and eventually treat the problem itself. These are also good for treating spinal stenosis, but that’s more of a spine pain than a general back pain.

The back is one of the most vital areas on the body. It keeps us standing and walking upright, so when it starts hurting, everything shuts down. Sometimes serious and sometimes not, rest assured that if your back begins hurting to a degree that requires medical attention, there is likely a treatment that is right for you.

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