Three Important Items To Consider Before Purchasing New Mohawk Carpet In Chicago

The use of wall-to-wall carpet in residential applications first hit the United States in 1950 and, since its inception, carpeting has become a popular flooring option for homeowners. Most carpet products are designed to provide years of reliable use, but despite the quality of the product, there will come a time when stains and wear will leave it looking dirty and unkempt. Before rushing out to buy Mohawk carpet in Chicago, be sure to consider the following items to ensure it’s money well spent and provides a product that will meet a family’s needs.

Traffic Considerations

The amount of traffic the carpet will encounter is an essential item to consider. Heavy traffic areas may benefit from a more durable product that is tightly woven, while lower traffic areas can utilize a more plush design that provides greater comfort. Before choosing a carpet style, be sure to research the durability of a product to ensure it will be designed to provide years of use and beauty.

Color Choices

Another important choice is the color of the carpet used. Mohawk carpet in Chicago comes in a wide variety of colors, but choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. Rooms with natural light can utilize darker carpeting products without making a space seem dark or small, while north-facing rooms can be made bright and airy by using a lighter-colored product that will increase the overall brightness of a room.

Manufacturing Technology

Research the various techniques used during the manufacturing of carpet, and consider choosing an upgraded product. Many styles of carpeting now come with static and stain resistant properties and to keep the rug looking beautiful and prevent unwanted static electricity charge issues. Some manufacturers also use fibers that prevent debris from settling within the carpet and make it easier to remove dust and other allergens with regular vacuuming.

Choosing the best carpet product doesn’t have to be complicated. The team at American Carpet Distributors has more than 20 years of experience and offers next-day installation on a vast selection of in-stock carpet products. Visit to learn more and let one of their expert carpet sales professionals make choosing quality carpet as comfortable as possible.

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