Three Benefits of Window Replacement in Fort Worth

If you have an older home with single-pane windows, then you should consider replacing them if you’re trying to make your house more energy efficient. Although replacement windows can be expensive, the money that you save on energy can help the windows pay for themselves. Here are three benefits of replacing single-pane windows with insulated windows.

Save on Energy Costs

Home window replacement in Fort Worth can help homeowners save 10% to 25% on their energy bills because insulated windows can prevent drafts. Having cold or hot air leaking into your house can trigger the HVAC unit to cycle on and off. The more it cycles, the more energy it uses, which you will notice on your electric and gas bills. Click here for more info.

Reduce Damage

When you decide on a window replacement for your house, you can prevent damage to your furniture and carpets or rugs. The UV rays coming through window glass can cause fabrics and wood to fade. Not only can this make your possessions look old but having them replaced, reupholstered, or having expensive throw rugs restored is costly. However, damage can be avoided by having insulated windows installed since they have special coatings to help prevent UV rays from penetrating the glass.

Eliminate Storm Windows

If you are still putting up storm windows on your house, this task can be eliminated by having insulated windows installed. Double- or triple-pane windows are more energy efficient and tight-fitting windows can keep water from leaking into your home. If you’re interested in getting new windows for your house, contact companies such as AAA Glass that sell standard replacement windows and can customize windows for your house.

A window replacement for your home can help save money and prevent air leaks. New windows can raise the resale value of your house as well.

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