The Importance of Professional Rodent Removal in Columbia, MD

Every home either has rodents sneaking in and out or will have them at some point. It is unrealistic to think that any home can become entirely rodent-proof. Rats need only a hole the size of a quarter to gain entry into a house and mice can fit through openings a fraction of that size. Their presence is usually easy to notice either through the sound of their movements inside walls or their easily identified droppings they leave behind. Rodent Removal in Columbia MD is useful for one-time infestations or as a regular service to help keep the pests under control all year long.

Clean homes are not immune to the risk of rodents and the residents are not safe from the diseases they spread. There is no reason to feel panic at the sight of one mouse. However, that is when it is time to take action. When colonies of mice or rats get out of control, they become a risk to public health. Their droppings are the biggest concern and can spread salmonella, leptospirosis and even hantavirus. The risk can be anywhere.

• Bacteria can be on kitchen counter tops and in cupboards. Mice search these areas for food sources.

• Dropping left behind on keepsake items stored in attics or paperwork in closets. Rodents are attracted to this type of material when building nests.

• Handling pet food containers and bags of animal feed. Mice and rats are frequently attracted to the strong smell of pet food.

• Drinking from soda or beer cans stored in cupboards or on floors. Very few people wash off the lids of cans before drinking and if a rodent has traveled across the cans it can spread bacteria.

Most pests arrive in the fall when cooler temperatures send them scurrying for warmer and drier places to nest. Rodent Removal in Columbia MD consists of an inspection to identify the location of any nests in the home, the removal of all rodents and advice about deterring future infestations. Annual or semi-annual visits by the exterminator may be needed to keep the risk of future problems at bay. Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. to arrange an inspection or for more information.

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