Speeding Tickets: Why You Should Consider Consulting an Attorney

Often, people will not even think about contacting a lawyer when they have received a speeding ticket. In some cases, individuals believe they can handle the ticket on their own and do not want to pay the added expense of hiring an attorney. Nevertheless, when a person has received a speeding ticket in Fairfax County, they could benefit from consulting with a skilled attorney. While the individual may think that the ticket is minor, the consequences of a conviction can depend on the circumstances present when the ticket was received-such as whether the ticket occurred on a Highway Safety Corridor or a Construction Zone or whether the alleged speed is 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit or over 80 mph. Even a conviction for a non-criminal speeding ticket may result in higher insurance fees and points on your driving record.

How a Lawyer Can Assist with a Speeding Ticket

  • They can provide you with information on the penalties that you could be facing when you receive a speeding ticket in Fairfax County.
  • An attorney knows the law and will know the details that may be able to get your citation dismissed or reduced.
  • If the alleged speed is 20 mph or more than the speed limit or above 80 mph you may be charged with Reckless Driving in Fairfax County and you should hire an attorney rather than represent yourself in court.

Mark Nicewicz ,Attorney at Law, has over 20 years of experience working in Northern Virginia courts. He may be able to help you get the charge dismissed or reduced.

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