Signs You May Need Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma

More than one-quarter of U.S. Homes are on a private well and septic system and of these millions of systems roughly ten-percent will suffer failures. Recognizing the signs of potential septic tank system failure is important for homeowners to know, as early detection is critical to avoiding major problems and minimizing financial impact. As part of a regular maintenance routine Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma is recommend at least every 5 years depending on the number of people occupying the home.

The following are typical signs of septic system failure:

Inside the Home -; Sewage backup into toilets, sinks, or drains inside the home might be due to a blockage in the main waste water line exiting the home. If clearing out the line with a plumber’s snake does not fix the issue than the tank needs to be inspected by a professional. Other signs are slow-draining sinks or bathtubs and decreased flushing of the toilets. A disagreeable odor of sewage may also be present without any other signs.

Issue with Tank -; The presence of soggy areas, standing water, or lush, green grass over the area of the septic tank, especially in periods of drought, are suspect. The odor of sewage may also be present. Upon inspection the septic tank will likely indicate a high accumulation of solid wastes.

Drain Field Issues -; A septic systems drain field, sometimes called a leach field, is the final component in a septic system. This is where the treated sewage seeps into the gravel area of the field and is absorbed into the surrounding soil. Indications that the drain field is failing include standing water or wet areas and rich, green grass all year long in sharp contrast to surrounding areas. Algae blooms in nearby lakes or ponds is a sign that nutrients and contaminants from your drain field are entering these bodies of water.

The good news is that with routine Septic Tank Cleaning in Tacoma many of these scenarios can be avoided. Just like any other system in a household, with proper care and maintenance, it will provide many years of dependable service. Annual inspections and pumping the tank every 5-7 years is about average for most systems.

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