Safety, Security, and Socialization: The Three S’s of Alzheimer’s Care by South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center of New Jersey

If you are a senior looking for respite care for yourself or a caregiver looking for respite care for a senior with Alzheimer’s, then you have undoubtedly already noticed that many respite care facilities are not set up to handle Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of mild cognitive impairment. This is a shame; with an aging population, these forms of cognitive impairment are becoming one of the major health hurdles facing modern society, and inadequate social resources can force families into a position of making difficult choices about their loved ones because of a lack of sufficient social supports.

The goal of South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center is to provide some of those missing community supports, enabling seniors to stay in their communities for longer periods of time, and helping families and loved ones perform as caregivers, despite not being elder care experts. Like most senior day care facilities, we offer of socialization for their members, meals, assistance with daily living, and some coordination with healthcare teams.

However, we also offer specialized care tailored towards seniors with Alzheimer’s. Our facility’s physical structure is designed to handle the special concerns that can come with dementia. For example, patients with Alzheimer’s may experience an array of symptoms that goes beyond memory loss and puts them at risk of getting lost, experiencing confusion, and facing problem-solving problems. While these problems cannot be completely eliminated through smart structural design, they can be better-managed through that design.

At South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center, we also emphasize social opportunities. Oftentimes, cognitive degeneration is accompanied by a decline in enjoyment of traditional activities and hobbies, but a dementia care facility can focus on cognitively stimulating and engaging activities. Because of the benefits of companionship, we have found that even purely social activities are beneficial to seniors.

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