Replacement Automotive Parts in Wisconsin May Become Necessary When Wheel Bearings Are Submerged

Cars that have been in a flood can develop all sorts of problems, including issues with the wheel bearings. A person can also cause some of these problems by driving through areas of high water on the road. Depending on the type of bearings, having them cleaned may restore them to an excellent working condition. Sometimes, however, buying new ones from a supplier of Automotive Parts in Wisconsin becomes necessary.

Wheel Bearings and Water

Wheel bearings support the car’s weight and allow the wheels to turn with very little friction. These parts are expected to last for more than 100,000 miles, and typically much longer than that. Simply getting wet doesn’t damage wheel bearings from a supplier of Automotive Parts in Wisconsin.

Taking a car through a car wash, getting it splashed by another car, and driving in the rain do not harm the wheel bearings. But driving through a puddle the size of a small pond is a bad idea. Submerging wheel bearings should be avoided.

If water covers the wheel hub while the driver moves through a deep puddle, water can get inside. The hubs are not watertight. This is also a problem for someone who backs a boat trailer into the water and accidentally drives the vehicle too far back, submerging the rear wheels. Water becomes trapped and it also contaminates the grease inside the bearings.

Salt Water

Saltwater, in particular, can damage the wheel bearings because salt is corrosive. Cars being driven and parked in Wisconsin won’t be flooded by seawater, but salt can still be an issue because the material is distributed on roads for deicing. A backed-up storm sewer can cause the same problems when people drive through the giant puddle.

Repairs and Replacement

When a vehicle becomes submerged above the wheel hubs, it’s time to have the bearings cleaned and filled with fresh grease if the vehicle doesn’t have sealed wheel bearing assemblies. Sealed assemblies cannot be taken apart. They must be replaced with components from a supplier such as Pioneer Rim & Wheel Company if the parts show signs of damage, which include squealing and grinding noises. Visit to learn more about this particular company.

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