Reasons to Get Professional Mold Treatment in Alexandria, VA

If you’re starting to see mold patches in your home, you may want to get some professional help dealing with the problem. While a small amount of surface mold may be easily dealt with by a homeowner if it’s on a solid, non-permeable surface, in some cases professional Mold Treatment in Alexandria VA is necessary.

Potential Health Risks

Besides being unsightly, mold in a home can cause some health risks. Those with allergies and asthma may be particularly sensitive to mold and get red eyes, start to sneeze, or get dermatitis due to mold exposure. It can also exacerbate any preexisting respiratory conditions and may bring on asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. The mycotoxins produced by certain types of molds may cause a wide variety of symptoms upon exposure through breathing, ingesting, or direct contact including nausea, cancer, nervous system problems and liver damage. The sooner mold is dealt with through Mold Treatment in Alexandria VA, the less risk there is for any health problems for the inhabitants of the home.

Signs of a Problem

Sometimes, the mold is easily visible on the surface of walls or other parts of the home. In other cases, it might not be readily visible. If you notice a musty smell or see signs of water intrusion in the home, such as bulging ceilings or walls and discolored or peeling paint, there may be hidden mold. A family member that has rashes, red eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose when at home, but not as much when outside the home, could be dealing with a sensitivity to mold present in the home.

Dealing With the Problem

A professional company that deals with mold can come in and do an inspection, in some cases for free, to see whether you have a mold problem. If this is the case, they’ll recommend a remediation plan to help get rid of any mold present and prevent as much mold as possible in the future. It isn’t enough to just get rid of mold, you have to treat the cause of the mold as well or it will just keep coming back.

Contact PMSI Mold Treatment Division for more information. They can help with all your mold treatment and prevention needs.

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