Proper Installation of Commercial Driveways in Middletown, CT

Ever wonder how a driveway or a blacktop parking area is installed? The work involves a lot more than just spreading asphalt and smoothing it out. The proper installation of Commercial Driveways in Middletown CT is actually a complex construction process that has to be planned and executed with as much detail as the work that goes into the construction of any building.

The Process Explained

When a professional contractor comes onto the site, the first step involved in the installation of the surface is a complete inspection of the ground. Determining the condition of the ground determines how much material will be required to form the foundation for the paving itself. The other chief factor decided in the survey is the slope that will be required in the finished surface to provide easy and unimpeded water runoff.

After these factors are measured, and the contractor has the complete lay of the land, the ground is excavated. Most driveways will require only four to six inches of sub-base to provide proper support for the actual surface, assuming normal expected traffic. For any driveway or parking area anticipated to support heavy equipment such as dump trucks, cement mixer trucks, or construction equipment, a far deeper excavation will be required.

Following excavation, multiple layers of dirt and gravel will be laid down. Proper packing of material at this stage will provide a more solid foundation for the asphalt surface to bear the traffic expected to run across it over the expected lifetime of the surface. Before the paving layer is installed, a final layer of dirt is added and graded to as precise a level that can be achieved to ensure the smoothest surface for the finished driveway.

Once the foundation work is completed, the actual asphalt surface is laid in layers and graded using large paving rollers. A final protective sealcoat is then installed to provide additional protection against the elements. Assuming all steps in the construction process have been carried out properly, the asphalt surface should last for at least five years before any signs of wear begin to manifest themselves.

Professional Contracting

The installation of Commercial Driveways in Middletown CT is carried out by certified professional contractors with years of experience providing quality work. Click Here to learn more about driveway installation and repair services.

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