Nice day for a Wine Wedding

Celebrating a wedding is one of the highlights of a year for many people and not just the happy couple. We all look forward to a really good wedding, especially a summer wedding when the couple have the opportunity to marry outside in a landscaped garden or on a beach or by a forest. Getting married indoors is not always the first choice, especially in the summer. We like to enjoy the summer weather and sit among the flowers and experience the feeling of nature while we have our ceremony or banquet.

Some of the main aspects of planning your wedding might involve what you choose to give your guests to drink. Champagne or wine is usually the drink of choice for the toast and celebration part at least. However, many people who abstain from drinking or are under drinking age when they marry have to stick to sparkling apple juice or something similar.

A Decent red or a Decent white or something in between

Wine is very much a drink of taste and there are a huge variety of colors and type available. You may prefer a light red or a dark red, such as a Valpolicella or a Chianti, or you may favor a light white, such as a chardonnay. If you are choosing wine specifically for a wedding you should probably offer the guests the choice of a few wines. For example, a darker red and a lighter red, perhaps one of them medium and the other dry along with a dry white and a medium white just for a little choice. You might also throw in a couple of rose’s just to make sure everyone is covered. Plus, you can order custom wine labels for weddings to give your bottles a unique twist.

There are many wine connoisseurs who are very picky about their wine and just as many who actually collect wine as an investment. There is an interesting anecdote about a rich guy who was getting divorced and his wife was extremely upset by his behavior. She was so upset that she went to his wine cellar and steamed off every label from every bottle, just to exact revenge. Probably not a pleasant sight for him to come home to that night.

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