Managing Alcohol Intake at Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN

Making decisions about Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN can feel complicated. The betrothed couple wants the bridal party and all the guests to truly enjoy the meal, but there likely are various factors that could pose problems. The couple may have budget constraints, for example. They may want to have vegetarian food only, but worry that this will disappoint guests. Another essential factor to consider is whether to provide any free alcohol or choose to have guests buy their own at a bar in the venue.

Couples who can afford to spend a large amount of money on their reception may be tempted to offer a free open bar, or unlimited beer and wine. They would do well to listen to others who made this choice and later regretted it. When guests have to buy their own alcohol, they tend to be much more responsible. A big group of excessively intoxicated wedding guests can ruin an otherwise fun event.

Instead of offering a great deal of free liquor, couples might offer a glass of free champagne with dinner at Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN. They could have a small bar area set up where the reception is held, featuring only beer and wine. Everyone attending would still need to purchase their own. If they want to drink something stronger, they’d need to make the trek to another part of the venue. The couple also has the option to have their reception at a facility without a larger bar area, which essentially limits the guests to the lower-alcohol beverages. With people drinking in moderation, nobody will become annoyed by the intoxicated behavior of any of the guests.

The couple may want to offer other types of free beverages to entice their guests away from alcohol. Bottled water, soft drinks, and decaffeinated coffee are popular options with a catering service such as Classic Cafe. Providing a substantial meal can reduce the effects of alcohol intake, since consuming food keeps blood alcohol content lower than is the case with an empty stomach. Visit to learn more about the services provided by this particular vendor.

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