Items You Need to Bring with Your Dog to the Dog Boarding Kennels in Millersville

Vacations are a family affair. But it is often impossible to take along the family dog on your vacation. There are many hotels that don’t accommodate them. There are often restrictions on the dog. Sometimes, you have to pay more because of your dog. Thus, it is often cheaper to put your dog up in a boarding house. There are several things that you will need to bring with your dog when you take them to Gambrills Veterinary Center in Millersville.

The Dog Boarding Kennels in Millersville will require an immunization record for your dog. This is to ensure your dog is protected while in the kennel. They will check the record to ensure that your dog has gotten the proper immunizations. If your dog is lacking in something, the vet services can provide the shots they need to stay in the kennel. If you aren’t sure exactly what is needed, call ahead of time so you can get this taken care of before you go on vacation.

Another thing that you will need to bring is your dog’s favorite food. This is important if they are on some kind of special diet or they are very picky eaters. Make sure to inform them of any special instructions regarding feeding them. Your dog will prefer eating their own food when you are away. However if your dog has no preference, then you can ask the kennel to provide food for them.

You should also bring your dog’s special toys with you to the Dog Boarding Kennels in Millersville. This will make the kennel feel a little more like home for them. While they will still miss you, your dog’s attachment to the toys will help with their anxiety at being left behind.

Even though it is hard to put your dog in a kennel for the period of your vacation, it is a necessary part of ensuring all of your family members are taken care of during this time. These are some of the things that you will need to bring with your dog when it is time to board them. For more information on boarding, Visit their website.


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