Important factors to consider when buying a commercial freezer

A lot goes into freezer choices, and the things that determine the choice of freezer are different for everyone. Nonetheless, there are always some constant factors, important points which everyone must consider if they are to choose perfectly.


The rule of thumb is that about 1.5 cubic feet of space should be allocated for every member of the family. In a family scenario, this is the amount of space that is required to keep about 35 pounds of food. This is just one of the examples of how needs determine the size of freezer. Commercial freezers must not necessarily be used by a family or even for food, but it is important to consider the needs of the users when making a choice. For a commercial freezer, think about the possibility of these needs changing for instance, with demand fluctuations and so on.


Freezer choice calls for the use of available space wisely. Whatever you decide, ultimately you will only be able to pick the freezer that fits the space available. The key here is to make sure the space available is utilized as wisely as possible. Remember the freezer must be allowed to have space on both sides for proper airflow and operations. Jamming it into an area that is too small will only mean the airflow will be restricted. Think also about the appliances that will be alongside. If unsure, measure the available space before making a choice.

Energy savings

Different types of freezers by design offer different levels of effectiveness. For the freezer, every time a door is opened, the trapped cold air escapes. The freezer then has to make up for the air lost through the creation of more cold air. Another factor that determines the energy savings is the energy star label.


This is something not most people will think about, but having freezer repair available is very important, especially in the case of commercial freezers. Access to Commercial Freezer Repair in Charleston, SC means commercial activity will never be interrupted for too long if there ever is a breakdown issue. Parts and general maintenance will also be easy to access.

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