How To Hire A US Keynote Motivational Speaker For Bangaluru

If you own a company or organization in Bangaluru and want to hire a keynote motivational speaker, you’ve got many choices. However, some foreign countries prefer to hire US speakers because they provide a sense of success and buzz around the event. Therefore, it is essential that you do it correctly to ensure that everything is on time and appropriate.


The US keynote motivational speaker you hire for your Bangaluru event will need to be paid. However, they may use a different currency than you. It is essential that you determine how their money differs from yours and pay them in their preferred currency. Likewise, if you plan to allow them to sell their products (books, shirts, pens, etc.), make sure that they can bring them into your country and how long it will take to get through customs.


In many instances, foreign countries require a visa to be there. It is up to you to find out if they need one and how they go about getting it.

Be Respectful

Your US keynote motivational speaker may live in a different time zone than you in Bangaluru. You should be respectful of that, allowing them at least two full days of recuperation before the event. Otherwise, they could suffer from jetlag and may not be on their game.


While each person is different, most speakers would prefer that you make the appropriate travel arrangements, at least into your country. They may also require that you pay travel fees, which can become difficult. You may have trouble getting the funds out of your country. It’s not impossible, but you should plan for the travel and talk to the airlines in advance to work out the best solution, such as paying them when they arrive in your country.

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