How to Buy Toilet Partitions in South Jersey

If you ever need to buy Toilet Partitions in South Jersey, will you know what to do? What are toilet partitions? They consist of the door and walls surrounding the toilet in commercial bathrooms. The first step is to decide what type of materials to purchase.

Visit a showroom to see firsthand the various choices available. You could also obtain a catalog or handbook to learn more. Powder Coated Steel, one of the most popular, contains steel that is galvanized which makes it resistant to rust. Stainless steel partitions contain a natural element that helps with rust resistance but is not totally exempt from rusting. The Solid Phenolic partition is considered strongest of all and carries a 25-year warranty. This partition is good for high-moisture areas. The Solid Plastic partition is also good in high moisture areas like water parks, pools, and showers. High-Pressure Laminate is good for high-traffic areas and is the most economical for those on a tight budget.

Many of the toilet partitions will last for at least 15 to 25 years or more and will require little maintenance. When cleaning, you should avoid harsh chemicals that contain acids or abrasives. Most of these partitions can be cleaned using a soft cloth to remove any dirt; or can be hosed down, and in some cases, may need graffiti remover.

The second step is to provide a drawing or photo of the areas where you want the toilet partitions installed. Many horror stories can be told particularly when it comes to the layout about wrong holes being drilled or the incorrect configurations used to install partitions. Therefore, when taking measurements of the areas, you need to be extra careful to ensure that your numbers are accurate since no one wants to pay for partitions that cannot be used! In fact, the more people that are involved, the easier it is for things to go off track. So, double checking your measurements is always a good idea. Having a checklist may also prove to be helpful.

The third and final step is to contact a business for a free estimate. If you’re ready to order Toilet Partitions in South Jersey, visit

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