How Stone Professionals Make it Simple to Choose Grave Markers in CT

There is no way to make choosing a grave marker a pleasant task, but experienced monuments professionals can make it easier. Established businesses like Shelley Brothers Monuments are sensitive to their clients’ distress, so they make it as easy as possible for customers to design memorials making exactly the right statements. Craftsmen translate designs into elegant gravestones families can be proud of for generations.

Grave Markers Are Unique

Although terms like gravestones, tombstones, grave markers, and monuments are often used interchangeably, there are differences. The term gravestone usually described all grave identifiers, including tombstones, slabs, and headstones. However, headstones, tombstones, and many other makers are upright and can vary in size. In contrast, Grave Markers in CT cemeteries are typically small stone or bronze identifiers that look like plaques. They may be set flush to the ground, steeply slanted, or beveled. Each is also inscribed with symbols and information like birth and death dates.

Experts Design Markers to Fit Every Need

Although most cemeteries contain a variety of identifiers, Grave Markers in CT cemeteries are especially popular for several reasons. In some cases, cemetery regulations only allow markers. Clients may also want very simple gravestones or be working with tight budgets. Despite the fact the small gravestones are not as elaborate or big as other markers, they are often just as elegant.

Craftsmen Provide Artistic Results

In most cases, families are free to choose markers that suit their tastes, even if their size is limited. To simplify the process, fine monument makers may invite clients to visit sites like to Learn more about us. Online information not only includes photos of finished work but also outlines color choices that include Mountain Rose, gray, Canadian pink, Impala Black, and mahogany. Designers help clients decide on symbols and lettering; then artisans replicate those designs in stone or bronze. No matter how basic, every maker is carefully crafted.

The simple, beautiful grave markers found in so many Connecticut cemeteries are the work of local experts with decades of experience. They compassionately work with clients to help them design gravestones that suit their needs. Artisans carefully turn designs into elegant, dignified markers.

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