General Contractors in Des Moines IA Respond to the Increasing Demand for Co-Ed Residence Hall Suites

General Contractors in Des Moines IA may bid on projects to be completed in institutional settings. One example, reflecting a strong trend, is to design and renovate a college or university residence hall, so it now has co-ed suites. The design of the bathroom can be a particular concern for these living spaces.

Co-Ed Residence Halls

Co-ed residence halls on college campuses have been around for a long time. The normal setup was to have young women on certain floors on young men on others, or to separate men and women on a single floor with a lobby area featuring a bathroom at each end.

Beginning in the 1970s, co-ed bathrooms could be found in a handful of particularly hip campuses, but they were rare. By the turn of the century, those bathrooms were becoming more common. The idea tends to be more alarming for parents than it is for today’s youth.


Today, the most common arrangement involving co-ed bathrooms is the suite, often reserved for students living in dorms for juniors, seniors, grad students and non-traditional students in their mid-20s or older. Suites house a more limited number of residents than a typical dorm floor does. There might be four to eight people living in a suite that was built or renovated by General Contractors in Des Moines IA.

Everybody in the suite shares one or two bathrooms that were designed and built by a company such as Quality Construction Services Inc. Visit the website for information on this particular contractor.

Floor Plans

The bathroom floor plans vary depending on the college or university and the building itself. Eight people sharing one bathroom may appreciate having two or three toilets in stalls with metal enclosures. In a suite, sometimes there also are multiple showers separated by concrete partitions. Otherwise, it can be difficult for this many students to get ready in the morning.

The Future of Co-Ed Bathrooms

The co-ed residence hall suite is here to stay and will probably only become more prevalent in the future. Students who will be living in this type of arrangement must take the bathroom arrangements into consideration if sharing one with the opposite sex makes them uncomfortable.

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