Bankruptcy in Grand Rapids, MI can Alleviate Your Debt Burden

Your debts can be eliminated legally by bankruptcy. The U.S. Congress authorized bankruptcy many years ago for people who are overwhelmed by debt. This is not one of those debt reduction schemes you often see advertised. It is a perfectly legal process managed by an attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy. There are no gimmicks and no hidden fees. The lawyer will tell you the charges upfront and generally work out a payment plan. The fees are very small compared to the relief you will receive.

Many people have been left with a mountain of debts after the Great Recession. They have no way of paying these debts because they do not have a job and no unemployment benefits. The debt collectors insist on harassing these people because they will pursue every dime they believe they can get. You can stop the threatening phone calls and the letters by simply retaining an attorney experienced with bankruptcy in Grand Rapids MI.

This country has seen some horrible economic times, which left some very destructive impacts upon families who have lost everything they own except their debts. Parents are stressed at not being able to provide the necessities of life for their children. Families believe the debt burden they have will never go away, and their families will suffer for years. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you file for Bankruptcy in Grand Rapids, MI, you will not have to worry about any more harassing phone calls or letters. A collector cannot come to your home. The attorney takes over all matters connected with your debts, and he deals with your creditors. This includes anyone attempting to collect a debt from you.

A bankruptcy attorney has the experience to deal aggressively with creditors who may try to continue to collect money from you. Very few will try because they know it is prohibited by Federal law. The attorney will file all of the necessary documents with the court, and he will be in court to represent you.

There is no reason for a family to be embarrassed or intimidated because they filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy law was enacted by Congress to provide debt relief. Many people who were once well off have filed for bankruptcy. Millionaires, developers, builders, manufacturers and other people who would never have thought of the possibility.

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