Applying For Veterans Disability Benefits

Before you can even consider applying for veterans disability benefits you must first be officially designated as being disabled by the DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs). The minimum level of disability is ten percent and the disability must be directly associated with injuries or a disease that you either got while in active duty or aggravated by active duty. One other qualification; you will not be entertained for benefits if you were dishonorably discharged from the service.

Applying for benefits:

The administration of veteran disability benefits is vested in the DVA. There are numerous ways to apply including visiting an online portal, visiting a regional office or, for those that need assistance; you can hire a veterans benefits attorney in Georgia. The process can be quite complex as you must first establish that you are disabled and then provide substantial evidence that your condition is the result of a service related injury or disease. If you can get this far, you will then be assessed by a physician who will determine the extent of your disability.

The evidence you need to provide:

To be considered for veteran’s disability benefits you must provide ample medical evidence to support your claim. It is also a prerequisite that you provide records that can substantiate your claim that the disability is service related. At this stage it is not necessary to involved DVA doctors; you can have your personal physician provide statements of support. The entire package of evidence that needs to be included with your claim is:

* Your discharge papers
* Your service treatment record, and
* Reports from your doctor and hospital that can be used as evidence

Those that are familiar with the process advise that you should engage the professional assistance of a veterans benefits attorney in Georgia to help file the application, otherwise there is a very good chance an important document will be missing which in turn will delay the process.

If you were disabled while serving your country you may be able to claim disability benefits. If you are looking for a veterans disability attorney in Georgia you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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