A Brief Guide to Acquiring a Horse Trailers Insurance Quote in Milwaukee Wisconsin

People who use a trailer to transport their horses from place to place will need to get a Horse Trailers Insurance Quote in Milwaukee Wisconsin to get started on insuring that equipment. Automotive policies don’t cover horse trailers, so a separate policy or a special endorsement on the automotive coverage is necessary. Separate coverage usually is more comprehensive and less expensive.

Size and Design

A Horse Trailers Insurance Quote in Milwaukee Wisconsin takes into account the size and design of the equipment. Some trailers are quite basic, intended only to bring a horse from one place to another. Others function as RVs, allowing the owners to have sleeping quarters in one area while the horses are kept safe in another.


Coverage provided through an independent agency such as P & C Insurance Services Inc. will pay for repairs to the trailer or the replacement value if the equipment is declared a total loss after an accident or other damaging incident. Damage from vandalism and severe storms are examples of non-accident incidents. Some coverage would pay for veterinary care for the animals if they were injured.

The Unique Situation

The type of coverage the person needs depends on his or her unique situation. Some individuals are on the road with their horses many weeks of the year, while others only travel with the animals occasionally. The cost of coverage may depend on the location where the trailer is usually parked and how many miles it travels annually. Horse trailers that can be parked inside when, not in use are safer and more secure, thus less vulnerable to vandalism. They also are less likely to be struck by hail or a tree branch in a windstorm.

Considering Options

Before choosing an insurer, the trailer owner may want to check reviews and ratings online of two or three companies. Knowing how promptly and effectively a company responds to claims can be important. An independent agent can provide quotes from more than one insurance company and also offer some insight into which companies may be the most reliable in regard to claims payments. Click Here to learn more about one particular agency.

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