3 Reasons Why Customers Order Awnings for Orland Park Homes

Some of Orland Park’s most appealing homes include cheerful awnings. There is no doubt that installing awnings increases curb appeal, but property owners also use them to make homes more energy efficient. In addition, area contractors like A Better Door & Window provide awnings for many clients who want protection from sun damage.

Awnings Add Charm and Style

Homeowners often use awnings as a way to create architectural interest or make a decorating statement. Suppliers offer awnings in a wide range of colors and styles. Many clients order custom styles for windows, pool areas, garages, and patios. Many property owners turn unused outdoor spaces into living areas just by having high-quality awnings installed. Once contractors add Awnings in Orland Park homeowners can enjoy outdoor entertainment areas on the hottest days and even when it is raining.

Awnings Increase Energy Efficiency

When clients order window Awnings Orland Park suppliers can offer products that help lower energy costs. Research shows that awnings can reduce as much as 77% of heat gain. A University of Minnesota study revealed that awnings could lower annual cooling energy by as much as 30%. They are effective because most cooling energy escapes via glass doors and windows. Shading the glass can dramatically reduce utility costs. Awnings are also eco-friendly because minimizing energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Awnings Protect Home Residents

When contractors install, Awnings Orland Park residents enjoy protection from the sun’s UV rays. That is why homeowners who are concerned about skin cancer often visit sites like http://abetterdoorandwindow.com/ and use a “Click here” option to schedule estimates for awning installation. Although many people do not realize it, sunshine pouring through windows can contribute to skin cancer. That is a problem, since most residents never realize they need to wear sunscreen indoors. Fortunately, high-quality awning materials can provide 99% UV protection.

Residential awnings can add charm and beauty to homes. They also create shade that turns outdoor spaces into living areas and helps to lower energy bills. In addition, well-made awnings will minimize the sunshine pouring into rooms, which protects residents from deadly UV rays.

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