3 Reasons To Upgrade To A Badger Water Meter

For both residential and commercial water meters, having the best options in technology, features, and functions of the meter is always in the best interest of both the consumer as well as the utility company.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Many residential and commercial water meters in use today have been upgraded to smart meters, but this is not the case with all utilities. In addition, even some of these meters are outdated and may to have the features that optimize the use of the technology.

One company specializing in all types of meters is Badger. Badger water meter models are used around the world in all types of applications. The company sells specialized meters for residential and commercial applications. All of the Badger water meter models are designed to be fully compliant with all regulations, including their specialized fire series meters and assemblies.


When purchasing Badger meters through an approved dealer, it is possible to tap into the experience and expertise of the sales professionals. These individuals are able to answer questions about each of the Badger water meter models they offer as well as assist in the selection of the best model for your requirements.


With the Badger meters, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Instead, each meter is uniquely designed for specific systems including high pressure, low wear, low maintenance and high volume types of water flow.

Each of the meters is rated and certified for specific applications. To choose the best meter, know the specifics of the system and if any specific regulations, certifications or other issues with materials used in the construction of the meter are important. For example, under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the meters cannot contain any lead.

All of the Badger meters are designed for a long lifecycle. In the event that parts become worn and need to be replaced, the company offers parts, making repairs very quick and easy.

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